Our Programs

At the Ponitz Career Technology Center, we take all four words in our school name seriously:


We are named after David H. Ponitz, former President of Sinclair Community College, rated No. 1 among community colleges in the United States.


We start students thinking and preparing for their future careers during their freshman year by teaching them about the opportunities here and beyond our school. By the time they graduate, they are ready for the workplace or college.


At Ponitz, we start with industry-standard technology and instruct our students on how to operate, take care of, and manage the gear they will use as part of their careers. Once they have what professionals have in their hands, they are equipped to compete for the best jobs in their fields.


This is it. This is the place. From our perspective, the world revolves around our staff and students at Ponitz. Visit our school to find out why each member of our community is proud to be a Ponitz Panther.