Allied Health/Nursing









In the Allied Health/Nursing tech-prep program, students must possess compassion and the desire to help others; they must also have good attendance, 100 community service hours and strong science and math skills. Our students will gain a wealth of knowledge in the field of health care.

Students will be able to use the foundation of anatomy and physiology, basic health care, effective communication, professionalism, and leadership skills to further their post-secondary studies at local community colleges, technical schools, and universities. These foundational skills can prepare students to explore the career pathways of nursing, medicine, diagnostics, and environmental sciences.

Kettering- Ponitz Pipeline Program

A partnership with the Allied Health tech-prep program, The Kettering College of Medical Arts dedicates many volunteer hours from college professional and college students to serve as mentors, counselors and generalized program support. The Kettering Network organizations have donated monetarily to our program to provide student uniforms, field trips, training, and learning equipment and supplies, tours of various Kettering Health Network health care facilities and college readiness lectures and speaker forums.

Enhanced Program Activities


Students in the Allied health Tech Prep program will be exposed to various forms of college experiences.  They will have an opportunity to earn college credit through articulation agreements with Sinclair Community College while attending high school, potentially earning a total of 22 college credits in the following college courses:


Scholarship and Career Opportunities

Students can earn a Sinclair Community College $3,000 scholarship and apply it to any of the listed allied health programs at Sinclair Community College.

Entry-level career opportunities in Allied Health Tech Prep: