Biotechnology is one of the fastest-growing fields that encompasses the studies of Biomedical Science, Forensic Science, Biological and Chemical Manufacturing, Agriculture, Genetic Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Alternative Fuels, Quality Assessment, Regulatory Agencies, Health and Food Production, and Bio-Marketing/Sales.


Complete your program of study in Biotechnology and earn an Associate of Applied Science in Biotechnology from Sinclair Community College. Students who wish to pursue a Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor’s degree may tap into articulation agreements between Sinclair and other Ohio four-year colleges.


Researchers in agriculture, biology, genetics, and medicine are at the forefront of new biotechnology discoveries. These men and women are working to unravel the genetic codes that govern the biological processes of different forms of life so they can be understood and, when appropriate, modified.

Life science researchers may work in an academic environment, such as a university, or for a company or a government agency. They may focus their work on animals, bacteria, humans, plants, viruses, or any other life form in which they have a special interest. The discoveries made in government, university, or corporate laboratories are the first steps toward genetically engineered products or processes like new vaccines, drugs, or plant varieties. (Source: