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Business Management division is designed to prepare individuals to work with people and other resources to accomplish organizational goals. Students enrolled in this program will learn how to function in a broad range of responsibilities and roles, from first-line supervision to mid-level coordination of organizational planning and operations with strategic planning executives.

Students will learn the needed tools to become a manager that can excel in abstract logic and reasoning, computational expertise, communication, interpersonal activities, and teamwork.

Business Management prepares students for a wide variety of management-related positions. It has been developed to provide a balance in technical business education along with general education courses while introducing the different areas that students may be interested in, allowing students to explore careers that they may not know even exist.


Students will begin taking college classes as juniors. The students take a variety of classes within the Business Division at Sinclair: Business, Accounting, Information Systems, and Marketing. Students are able to earn up to 38 credit hours at Sinclair; these hours are offered through the Business Management Class and students have to test out of that class with a 73% or higher test grade.


Business is a field that touches every area in life. It is ever-changing and developing. Because of this, there are many avenues down which a Business background can take you. 

Some jobs that you could obtain upon graduation include administrative supervisor, mailroom supervisor, records manager, word processor, customer service representative, retail sales, accounting clerk, food service manager, or payroll clerk to name a few.

If you would continue on and complete a two-year degree some employment opportunities would be cost estimator, recruiter, order clerk, sales broker, job training specialist, surveyor, court reporter, medical data entry, technical writer, hospital records specialist, to name a few. Then for a four-year degree auditor, health care administrator, banker, social worker, wholesale or retail buyer, food production manager, paralegal, federal legislator, finance manager, museum promoter, or hospital auditor.

In general, opportunities for managers include supervision, office managers, management trainees, assistant managers and owners within a variety of settings, including small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, industries, a non-profit organization, and governmental agencies.


The average salary out of high school is about $12-24/hour. 

After a two-year degree, pay range jumps between $32,000-$46,000/year.

After a four-year degree, the starting salary is $60,000/year.

These are dependent on the location of the job and industry.


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