Dental Technology








Dental Technology is a two-year program at Ponitz CTC. The goal of our program is for our students to have the necessary skills to work in a dental office or continue their dental education in college. Our students learn chairside assisting of the dentist, infection control, dental lab procedures, mixing materials, CPR certification, and radiology (taking x-rays).

Junior students will spend a week doing job shadowing in a dental office. If students make a good impression, they have the chance to work in a dental office, which can double their hourly wage. Senior students will take their Ohio State Dental Assisting certification exam in Columbus. Upon passing this exam students will receive their Dental Assisting certification and their Ohio Dental Radiographer's license.


Students can graduate from high school with nine college credits on their transcripts.


Certified Dental Assistant; Dental Hygienist; Dental Lab Technician; Dentist; Expanding Function D.A (does fillings).


Median Salary Range