Interactive Media/Digital Design




In Digital Design, students learn how to use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Dreamweaver. Also, students learn photography and Web design. When students graduate they will earn up to nine college credits and will have the opportunity to earn a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair.

Some benefits of being a part of our digital design program include being able to take photos of other students participating in class activities, sports activities, and clubs. While taking photos students will be able to get hands-on experience while being interactive outside of the classrooms.


Students in digital design will take courses in digital imaging, digital illustration, and Web page design at Sinclair before graduation. This gives them the opportunity to earn up to 9 hours of college credits before graduating from high school.


Illustrator. Photo Editor. Game Artist. Set Designer. Photographer.

Web Designer. Concept Artist. Logo Designer. Brand Designer. Digital Archivist. Flash Developer. Digital Developer. Digital Animator. Interior Designer. Restoration Artist. Creative Director. Graphic Designer. Commercial Artist. Technical Illustrator. Multimedia Designer. Post-Production Specialist.

Online Content Developer. Special Effects Coordinator.

Interactive Media Producer. Packaging Designer. Fashion Designer.


Median salary ranges for careers in digital design

Photographer: $53,906; Fashion Designer: $44,024;

Graphic Designer: $46,095; Multimedia Designer: $46,095;

Game Artist: $48,000; Photo Editor: $59,769; Web Designer: $50,725