Visual Design/Graphics




Students in Visual Design/Graphics will take courses in digital imaging, digital illustration, and printing at Sinclair before graduation. This gives them the opportunity to earn up to 9 credits hours before graduating from high school. Students will have the opportunity to earn a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair.


The careers are Artist, Typesetter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Printer, Silk Screener, Estimator, Teacher, Web Designer, Computer Animator, Entrepreneur, Binding and Finishing.


This can be your salary:Typesetter $28,787-$48,999; Graphic Designer $38,101 -$34,736; Photographer $25,293-$45,042; Printer $28,000-$41,600; Silk Screener $28,000-$41,600; Estimator $33,772-$45,509; Teacher $37,712-$58,000; Web Designer $35,000-$55,000; Computer Animator $25,000-$62,000; Enterpreneur $27,817-$49,057; Binding and Finishing $23,300-$42,000.


Graphic Art and Design is the exchange of information in visual form using art or text or a combo of both. If you enjoy working on computers, being creative and working with your hands, Graphic Communications is the program for you! What better opportunity to be creative, learn, have fun, print and bring your designs to life using state-of-the-art equipment.